Sunday, January 31, 2010

On practicing animation...

On Friday a buddy of mine from work lent me three animation books that talked about drawing cartoons and the steps an artist goes through to get from the beginning of an idea to the end.
In just a few hours of reading (yes, this is far more interesting to me than reading about soil bearing pressure) I gained valuable knowledge and insight as to how this things are drawn and how what movement looks like.  I immediately started doing some of the exercises in the books and remarkably could see some improvement in an hour or so.  The big secret I learned is that the stuff is drawn a lot bigger than it's printed.  So if you draw things big you can always shrink them down and they look real good.  So no more index cards for story boards, we're moving to 10X12 sheets of paper (with appropriate frame for aspect ratio).Here's what I've worked on thus far.


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