Monday, May 24, 2010

Christ Bot Take 2

Over the weekend I made a rig that would be more solid than the LEGO and clay rig I had set up before.  It consisted of drilling into a half inch thick piece of round stock steel, epoxying three strands of twisted aluminum armature wire, and then adding soldered square tubing with a counter balance to help keep Chris Bot up.
I then animated Chris Bot doing a quick walk and thinking about what he was going to shoot next.
The rig worked pretty well when walking but when I wanted to make Chris Bot jump he was too heavy to be picked up by the rig and so I had to hold him up with my hand in the shot.
Here's a video and a link to you tube of 5 seconds of Chris Bot.

One thing I noticed is that Chris Bot's arms are hard to use for expressions while he's walking since they stick out in front of him. And the fact he has no hands as of yet makes it even more difficult for him to do things. Chris Bot 2.0 (coming to a store near you) will have his arms shifted to the proper place, where his shoulders are at and will have the added advantages of hands and a remote control for this camera rigs.

This should help him as he takes photos and moves around.

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