Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Foam Latex Batch

Well today I made my first batch of foam latex for a puppet head I had made a couple of years ago of a coworker.
I had to do everything outside and I didn't have the proper temperature or humidity measuring equipment and the puppet head was small.
So what happened?
Well, I was outside, mixing the stuff with a hand blender (that is not recommended by the manufacturer) and as I was mixing, the instructions caught the wind and lifted up the cup of geling agent I had and it poured into the bowl and so my first batch was ruined.  It began to gel almost a minute later.  Of course, I was using a 50% ratio because my first mold was very small.
So I tried it a second time, this time careful not to have the gelling agent drop into the bowl and sort of winged the amount of time I was supposed to mix it.
I plopped the stuff into the mold as soon as possible cleaned it up and about a minute afterwards it began to set.
So now the mold is inside of a small toaster oven I have outside.  We'll see how that works out!

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