Friday, May 28, 2010


Woo hoo!
After 5 attempts we finally got the final cast of Chris Bot to work.
I had mentioned on a previous post that Chris Bot lacked the expression in his arms and so I moved his arms to the outside. Quite a simple fix but getting the foam latex to work was a nightmare!
So after speaking with Justin and Shel from Stop Motion Mission(Thanks!  You guys Rock) I got some good advice and basically baked the thing for 12 hours on really low heat.
I'm using a small oven, the kind you have on a counter top and so I believe what was happening was when I was baking it at the recommended temperatures the elements were causing uneven heating and causing steam pockets which pulled the casting from the mold.
By cooking it on lower heat for longer it prevented these pockets and viola, it worked.
So here's a photo of the finished cast along side the old one. BTW, I did a test paint on the old one and it looks pretty cool. I love the metallic paint. Rocks.
Chris Bot prior to being trimmed.
Chris Bot get's a trim

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