Friday, June 4, 2010

New Rig!

I've been having trouble making Chris Bot walk and so I badly wanted a walking rig like the kind that you can buy for 60 bucks from some animation pro shop that uses ball sockets and joints.  Well, cause this is ghetto puppet making at it's finest I always keep my eyes open for stuff that may help me in my endeavors.
Well I recently came across some cheap ball and socket joints at Autozone.  The were attached to small mirrors and extension handles.  So basically I bought six of these small mirrors (they were two bucks each) and took the mirror and the extension portion off and soldered it to some square tubing.  Using a piece or round stock metal, I drilled into it and epoxied the square tubing into the round stock and attached it to my puppet.  Here's a picture of the mirrors and the final product.  Not bad for 5 bucks.

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