Monday, July 19, 2010

Mission to visit Stop Motion Mission

Last Sunday on our way back from our vacation the family got to visit Justin and Shel Rasch's house in LA and check out the awesome work they have been doing on their latest stop motion movie called "Line, Space Dog against Space Flea".  The story is reminiscent of the never ending battle between dogs and fleas but the set in another galaxy and in space ships.
Justin and Shel are also the creators of "Geralds Last Day", a story about a pooch's last day in a pound and all the creative stuff he does to try to get someone to adopt him.
Although the visit was short I received lots of encouragement from seeing their studio and the progress they've made on the movie thus far.  I brought along Chris Bot and talked to Justin a little about what's motivating me to do stop motion or animation in general and got a couple of cool pics of Flea and Dober with Chris Bot.
Because of our move, we're going to be putting Chris Bot on hold until we can set something up in my in-laws barn.

Lily and Maia had a blast playing with all the toys, checking out the puppets and the set, and amazingly enough didn't break anything!!!

What's really impressed me the most about Justin and Shel's work is how they've balanced work, family, play time and animating.  Absolutely inspiring and amazing.

Here's some photos from the visit.

From Left to Right: Justin, Shel, Me (Miguel), Lily, Runi, & Maia.

From Left to Right: Flea, Chris Bot, Dober

Here's Justin with Dober.

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