Monday, October 4, 2010

Move, Armature and Visit to Special FX Studio

It's been a while since I posted to Miguel and El Frijole Magico because I've had my projects on hold because we've been planning our move to Norway.

But we're in Norway now and other than the rain and the food, I'm getting used to it.

Rather than wait around to get motivated, I decided to start talking to people around here about film making and animation and doing a bit of research as to who's doing what.

My first visit was to a town called Tonsberg about 1.5 hours south west of Oslo on the coast. There I met a fantastic guy named Steinar Kaarstein who does special FX for movies here in Norway. It's a tough business he said but he's really getting his name out there.

The cool thing is Steinar is the go-to-man in my area for hard to get stuff like latex rubber and casting supplies. It's not like in the states where I can have everything shipped for cheap. Nope, this stuff can cost an arm and a leg getting it shipped over here and he's a distributor so that helps out a lot.

When I was there we took a couple of pics of my daughter and wife with one of the costumes and another one of Steinar.

Steinar also was kind enough to give me an armature kit that he had purchased from England but said he probably wouldn't be using it any time soon. I've started to assemble it and it looks great!

We also went to look at my father in laws barn.  Upstairs in the barn is a lot of unused space.  This thing is just itching to have projects in it. We just have to put a floor down where the planks are, some insulation, some windows and away we go, instant studio!

On another note, I just decided also to start diving into learning animation on my own. I started looking up resources on Youtube and here's my first attempt at a biped walking, running, then jumping. Yeah, it sucks but it's a start for my first one so give me a break!  Any tips for free animation resources are completely wanted!

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  1. coolness!!

    playing with 3d studio max hugh? ha!

    animation is animation....explore it all man.